Closed For Winter

We are Closed for the winter.

Check back for Opening date of 2018.

Closed For Winter

Thank you for contacting us. Someone will get in touch with you very soon.

Closed For Winter

There are several ways you can advertise with the Moonlite Drive-In and become one of our business partners.

Menu Card – Cost $300 per season

Each Season we put together our menu card which gets handed out to each vehicle that enters our theater. This results in more than 10,000 pieces per season being handed out to potential customers.

Note: The 2016 season is already printed and being handed out now. Thank you to our advertisers for this season and we look forward to next season with you. If you would like to be on the list for the 2017 season please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Website – $25 per month

Would you like to grab the attention of over 50,000 visitors per month to our website? We can help you with that. Contact us today and we can start talking about the best placement for your ad.

Movie Screens

Want to put your message in front of hundreds of movie goers? We now offer advertising packages for placing your ad directly on our screens before the movies start. (Intermission Coming Soon) Check out those packages below and decide whats best for your business and contact us to get started today.

     Still Ads – $300 Season

  • A business card style ad that will be shown for up to 10 seconds on the screen. Additional time is available for $100 per 5 seconds.

     15 Second Video Ad – $450 (Setup Charge of $75)

  • We can put together a brief video that will promote your business in a fun and fantastic way. Each additional 15 seconds is $150 each.

     Full Commercials Available – Call for Information

  • If your looking to do a full out video ad for your business we can talk to you and see what will work best for you and your business.

Closed For Winter

Closed For Winter

Closed For Winter

What Is The Admission Price?

Adults – $8.00
Children 5+ – $6.00
Children Under 5 – FREE
Outside Food Pass -$8.00 per car

What Time Does The Movie Start?

Movies start at dark. This varies throughout the season as the days grow longer or shorter.

What Time Does The Gate Open?

Gates open at 6:00PM Friday – Saturday – Sunday

Do You Take Credit/Debit Cards?

Yes, we take all major credit/debit cards.

What Movie Will Be Showing Next Week Or Future Weeks?

We do not know what movie will be showing till the week of. The latest the Website and FB Page will be updated is by Wednesday.

Are You Open On Weekdays?

We are only open on weekends. Friday to Sunday

Can I Bring My Pet?

Pets are allowed but we do ask for the enjoyment of everyone that you keep your pet quiet during the movie.

Is There An Intermission?

Yes we have a brief 15 minute intermission between movies.

Can I Bring Outside Food or Drink Into The Theater?

Yes, you may bring outside food or drink in as long as you purchase a food pass when you enter. This will be strictly enforced and you could be asked to leave the theater if you do not have one and you have brought food in. See price above.

Absolutely NO Alcohol Allowed.

Do You Still Play Movies In The Rain?

Yes, we will still have the movies as scheduled unless it is a severe storm that puts the safety of all in jeopardy. We recommend watching our Facebook page at to stay up to date during weather situations. We will make announcements there if we decide to close due to weather.

Is The Price The Same For Single Feature Sunday?

Yes, the price for Sunday is the same as Friday and Saturday even though it is only one movie showing that night.

What Movies Will You Be Showing On _____?

We are unable to provide a future showing of a certain date or weekend. Movies are changed by week and we usually do not know what those changes are going to be until the Wednesday of the week they are showing.

Can You Change The Order In How The Movies Are Playing?

No, we cannot change the order of how movies are playing. The company that distributes the movies to us also sets the order in how the movies have to play.

Can We Switch From Screen to Screen?

No, we cannot allow you to switch from screen to screen for the safety of all.

What Movie Is The First Feature?

The first poster listed is the first feature of the night on its respected screen.

Can We Bring A Birthday Cake?

Yes, you may bring a birthday cake to the drive-in.

Do I Need A Food Pass For A Birthday Cake?

No, you do not need a food pass for a birthday cake but if you have drinks or any other food item you will be required to purchase a food pass.

Can We Sit Outside Our Vehicle?

Yes, you may sit on chairs outside your vehicle. We do ask that for your safety and safety of others that you do not lay down on a blanket or on the ground in the parking areas. Also, please try to sit in front of your vehicle to leave room for incoming viewers. If you are using a second spot you could be asked to move to make room.

In What Order Will The Movies Be Playing?

The way the movies are listed on our website or Facebook post is the order the movies will be shown.

What Movie Will Be The Single Feature On Sunday?

The Single Feature is always the first movie listed on the website or Facebook page.

What Is The Cutoff Age For Children’s Admission?


Do you have radios for rent if my car radio does not work?

No, we do not offer radios for rent.

Closed For Winter

ATTENTION: Please, DO NOT BLOCK the entrance and exit of any of the businesses or of the Police Department when you are sitting in line waiting to get in the theater. Thank You

Make Note: that on Sundays is one feature only!

We are Closed



 Absolutely NO outside food or beverages will be allowed in the drive-in without a $8 food pass.


Make Note: that on Sundays is one feature only!

We are Closed


Absolutely NO outside food or beverages will be allowed in the drive-in without a $8 food pass.